Media Release – May 2016



5 May 2016


Hendrik Slegtenhorst




Sixth poem of Constellations of Desire published in Madrid and Toulouse

International interest in the poetic work of Hendrik Slegtenhorst continues


The poem “’Cello on Comox Street” has been published in Triadæ, accompanied by an image created by the author, and its translation into Spanish by Spanish poet Eva Gallud. The subject of the poem is the interrelationship of art and nature, and includes exemplifications of Johann Sebastian Bach’s The Well-Tempered Clavier and Catalan cellist Pablo Casals. Slegtenhorst and Gallud have collaborated on four previous publications. Material from this work has also appeared in Dalhousie Review, published by Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Constellations of Desire is Slegtenhorst’s third volume of poetry, expected to complete in the spring of 2017. The book’s epigraph is from Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick: “… that one most perilous and long voyage ended, only begins a second; and a second ended, only begins a third, and so on, for ever and for aye. Such is the endlessness, yea, the intolerableness of all earthly effort.”

Covenant, Slegtenhorst’s second book of poetry, whose subject is the contract life imposes on a human being as the fundamental condition of its existence, continues to enjoy success. Thirty-eight of its 78 poems are now published in established periodicals, including the University of British Columbia’s Canadian Literature (Vancouver, BC), the University of New Brunswick’s The Fiddlehead (Fredericton, NB), and Antioch College’s The Antioch Review (Yellow Springs, OH). The opening epigraph comes from the troisième promenade of Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Les rêveries du promeneur solitaire: Ce qu’on doit faire dépend beaucoup de ce qu’on doit croire (What we ought to do depends largely on what we ought to believe).

Toronto’s Iguana Books published Hendrik Slegtenhorst’s Caravaggio‘s Dagger in 2013. Its subject is a pursuit of right action. “A deeply felt credo about life, our present society and its confusing elements.” – wrote Dutch musician Henk Guittart, founder and former member of the acclaimed Schoenberg Quartet, and recognized worldwide as an exceptional tutor, chamber music coach, and conductor.

CulturalRites, established in 2010, is the cultural arm of Falstaff Enterprises, of which Slegtenhorst is co-founder and managing partner. It is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, and has been in business since 1991. Its website is

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