The curvature of the seawall at the western shoreline of Brockton Point, Stanley Park, Vancouver, Canada. 14 September 2014. (Photo: Hendrik Slegtenhorst)

Curvature – Brockton Point – Stanley Park Seawall, Vancouver

The point is named after Francis Brockton, the senior engineer aboard the HMS Plumper, a Royal Navy survey sloop commanded by Captain George Henry Richards. A plumper is something that plunges abruptly into water. Brockton discovered coal nearby, and Richards named the waters Coal Harbour. From the early 1870s until Vancouver’s Mountain View Cemetery opened…

Thompson Trail, Stanley Park, Vancouver

Thompson Trail runs northwest in Stanley Park, from the Bridle Path to Rawlings Trail. It is named after C.W. Thompson, Park Commissioner 1937-1938, 1940-1942. As are most trails in the Park, it is highly attractive to the eye, and because of its location, lightly travelled. It is heavily wooded, and runs amidst great amounts of splendid,…

Spring Renewal, Tunnel Trail, Stanley Park, Vancouver

Tunnel Trail in Vancouver’s Stanley Park runs from Burrard Inlet at Lumbermen’s Arch north till it forks to the west to Pipeline Road. The trail is completely in woodland, with occasional views of the Inlet. It is particularly attractive in early spring when the deciduous leaves sprout and forest flowers begin to blossom.