J.S. Bach, Cantata 180, at Trinity XX – A Metaphysic of Righteousness

Gospel according to Matthew

Gospel according to Matthew

Cantata 180, from 1724, like cantata 162, occupies itself as well with the gospel of the day, but in a manner more metaphysical in intent and, as well, integrative of the epistle of the day. Hence, the Messianic invitation to righteousness and the apostolic adjuration to attend in fear to the will of God interweave.

The alto recitative, accompanied by the two recorders, describes a moment of fear of on high (die Hoheit), but with the help of the recorders on high it is put aside at the sight of the Saviour’s heart (Heilands Herz).

2 thoughts on “J.S. Bach, Cantata 180, at Trinity XX – A Metaphysic of Righteousness

  1. I’ve no particular favourite. Each interpretation offers a different perspective, different voicing, different playing, different tempo, different acoustics, different understanding, different awareness. I myself have several recordings but I am glad that there are so many more so easily gained access to.


  2. An excellent selection and prompt to go back to listen to this…I know you have selected the Koopman above, is this your favourite? I was going to ask whether you prefered the Gardiner or the Suzuki? I have the Gardiner and keep pondering whether to add the Suzuki


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