2 thoughts on “Autumn – English Bay, Vancouver

  1. I know, Harold, what I see, and why I see it; and, largely, that is for me only. What others see, if they are in the same place, and do not rely solely on the images, is theirs. Of course the city is vulnerable, but we all are, having forced our tenuous foolishness upon the place we depend on to live in. My perspective on the landscape is essentially unchanged from when I lived in the Okanagan; and elsewhere, whether the place was colonial or not; although not is pretty hard to find these days. Honestly.


  2. So, what do you see in these images? I see the thin, lonely veneer of a powerful colonial city at its most vulnerable and tenuous. The images aren’t particular attractive, but their honesty is. I like it. And you? What do you see?


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