Trinity I and Bach’s Cantata 75 – The Moral Worth of Riches

The principal subject matter of Trinity I is the moral worth of riches. The gospel is the parable of the rich man and Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31). One of the several questions set, and explored by Bach, is ‘what is the social purpose of riches?’

I discuss the subject in the second chapter of my book, Bach’s Cantatas for Trinity I through VII, scheduled for publication in early November, 2017, as well as in the “Ostinato for Casals,” “Recitative of the Sapphire Angel,” and “Recitative of the Emerald Angel” sections in my manuscript titled Constellations of Desire (the concluding part of the poetic trilogy, Solitary Ethics, which begins with Caravaggio’s Dagger), which is being readied for publication in late 2018.

Die Elenden sollen essen, daß sie satt werden, und die nach dem Herrn fragen, werden ihn preisen. Euer Herz soll ewiglich leben.
(Psalm 22:25)

The wretched shall eat until they are satisfied, and those who ask after the Lord, shall praise Him. Your hearts shall live forever.


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