Proust: From Within A Budding Grove

How Proust augurs, perhaps with presentiment based on experience of the present, a modern Presidential figure who speaks no known language.

I have kept my introductory sentence to no more than 140 characters.

Grand Hotel, Cabourg, Normandie (Courtesy: Normandy Tourism)

It is true that even within [the walls of the Grand Hotel at Balbec-Plage] there were people who did not pay very much and yet had not forfeited the manager’s esteem, provided that he was assured that they were watching their expenditure not from poverty so much as from avarice. For this could in no way lower their standing, since it is a vice and may consequently be found at every grade in the social hierarchy. Social position was the one thing by which the manager was impressed—social position, or rather the signs which seemed to him to imply that it was exalted, such as not taking one’s hat off when one came into the hall, wearing knickerbockers or an overcoat with a waist, and taking a cigar with a band of purple and gold out a crushed morocco case—to none of which advantages could I, alas, lay claim. He would also adorn his business conversation with choice expressions, to which, as a rule, he gave the wrong meaning.

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