Being is Collective, Becoming is Individual – Akira Kurosawa – The Seven Samurai (1954)


Akira Kurosawa: The Seven Samurai

The subject is the actuation of one’s purpose, and the quality of that actuation. That is, the becoming of being.  And that being is collective, and becoming is individual. In neither is there any purpose or need for hope; or, for fear. That being has beginning and end. And that in neither beginning nor end is there any individual control, defense, or knowing of. But, in between the beginning and end of one’s life, resides the actuation of purpose, which is enabled by acceptance, awareness, and the study and the acquisition of skill to participate in the collective, while recognizing that being is its own reward, and that that reward is intrinsic to one’s self and one’s collectivity; and beyond and not congruent to, and not made greater or less by, what is either bestowed by or stolen from the collective.

The original trailer, without, and mangling, Kurosawa’s philosophy, is:

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