Newark, Delaware – Rescued by Hafiz and Beethoven

Wednesday, 25 July 2007, 9:29 am, Newark, DE

Centreville Delaware

Centreville, Delaware

Travelled along the backroads of Virginia and Maryland as much as possible; there is a considerable amount of isolated beauty. Stopped at a Subway in Centreville for lunch. Continued to Wilmington, and there gave it up for the day. The traffic is incessant.

Torres Coronas 2004 wine

Torres Coronas 2004

We ordered in steak and pork riblets, and with those had the 2004 Torres Coronas we found in Centreville.

During the evening, I became increasingly despondent, and so resorted to Hafiz.

Beethoven, Symphony 5

Beethoven, Symphony 5

As we drove, Beethoven’s fifth symphony came on the radio. Even though I have heard this piece hundreds of times, it continues to thrill and provide new discoveries. What pop song can do that? for two hundred years?

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