Robyn Sarah – The Forgotten Insistence of the Past

29 October 2015, Vancouver, BC

Congratulations to Robyn Sarah for winning the Governor-General’s Award for Poetry for her My Shoes Are Killing Me.


11 March 2015, Edmonton, AB

Five poems by Montreal’s Robyn Sarah appear in Prism’s 52:3 (winter 2015). They are particularly evocative of the infusion of the past into the present.

Robyn Sarah (Courtesy:

Robyn Sarah (Courtesy:

Consider the subversive hopefulness / of people who are starting over (from “An Infrequent Flyer Looks Down).

It could at any moment pour rain / on your bare arms— / You mistook this for happiness (from “Breach”).

What is the wall that divides us / from our shining? (from “Lacunae”).

It’s about closing the distance / that made them strange? (from “A Guide to Modern Verse”).

the door they shut fast / on the messy years they’ve chosen / not to revisit (from “Swept Away”).

All five of these poems will be included in Sarah’s forthcoming My Shoes Are Killing Me, from Biblioasis Press. Prism’s Rob Taylor interviewed the author about this book.

Sarah can be heard reading several of her poems from Questions About The Stars in this video:

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