Adolphe Adam – Giselle (1841) – Alberta Ballet – 15 March 2014



My wife and I were yesterday afternoon at Alberta Ballet‘s production of ballet’s legendary 1841 Giselle; and artistic director Jean Grand-Maitre, in assembling an astonishing array of talent for its performance, has placed before us a ballet aesthetically enthralling and intellectually incisive. Chief amongst collaborators is La Scala graduate and choreographer Flavia Vallone. Her choreography is brilliantly danced by the troupe, from principals through corps de ballet. The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra played the music, in which timing is everything, and whose coordination with the stage action was impeccable. The production is underwritten by many, in particular a gift of $100,000 by John and Judy Cosco — indicating again the depth of support for the arts in Alberta. My wife and I had not seen Giselle in some years; hence our own thanks to Alberta Ballet’s wonderful associate executive director Jennifer Faulkner, who was in a marvellous state of artistic radiance, for the complimentary tickets to members of Professional Arts Coalition of Edmonton (PACE)’s advocacy committee. I think one must consider that, if, as Joseph Brodsky has said, the highest locution of language is poetry; then, as poetry is to words, then ballet is to dance. (Pleasant, also, to meet fellow advocacy committee member, and president of the Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Company, Graham Currie and his wife, Kendra, at intermission.)

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