The Waterways of Avalon – Caravaggio’s Dagger IV

Edmonton Poetry Festival (Courtesy: EPF)

Edmonton Poetry Festival (Courtesy: EPF)

At noon, on 25 April, at CBC Centre Stage, in downtown Edmonton, as part of the Edmonton Poetry Festival‘s ‘New Books’ presentation, I will read from “The Waterways of Avalon,” the fourth taxonomy of my book Caravaggio’s Dagger. This particular taxonomy deals with approaches to what is gone and to what is past. This noon reading will be the first part of two on this subject, the second to take place during the festival at Audreys Bookstore, Sunday, 27 April, at 2 p.m.

Ed Hoornik, Het Menselijk Bestaan (Courtesy:

Ed Hoornik, Het Menselijk Bestaan

Much of the content of this section takes part of its stimulus from Dutch poet Ed Hoornik’s long poem Het menselijk bestaan, known in English as The Human Existence, published in 1952, the year my family emigrated from the Netherlands to Canada.

Door de wildernis van zijn angst

breekt leven als water naar binnen:

een zee, een springvloed van hoop.

Through the wilderness of his fear

Life breaks inward as water:

a sea, a soaring flood-tide of hope.

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