Caravaggio’s Dagger – Review by Henk Guittart, Founder, Artistic Director, and Violist of the Schoenberg Quartet and the Schoenberg Ensemble

Henk Guittart (Courtesy:

Henk Guittart (Courtesy:

Henk Guittart is well known as the founder, artistic director, and violist of the Schoenberg Quartet and the Schoenberg Ensemble, which performed and recorded internationally from 1976 to 2009. He has also been associated with the Netherlands Wind Ensemble, Deutsche Bachsolisten, Consortium Classicum, the Stuttgart Piano Trio, the St. Lawrence String Quartet, the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, the Rotterdam Codarts Academy of Music, the Maastricht Academy for Music, and The Banff Centre, where he and I met in 2010.

Mr. Guittart writes on

This is a very precious book, full of beautiful and fascinating poetry. The poet has found an intriguing form to present his critical observations, sharp descriptions, melancholia and real love for life. To me it seems a deeply felt credo about life, our present society and its confusing elements. The writer shows us clearly his inspiration by old European culture, and all of this in a captivating and very lucent language, full of beauty and fantasy. I have in the past weeks repeatedly read these poems, with great joy, and can recommend this book highly!

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