Robert Schumann – Chamber Works

Schumann. Daguerreotype.

Schumann. Daguerreotype.

Schumann, RobertPiano Quintet in E♭, Op. 44 (1842). One of the first, and one of the best, piano quintets in the literature, each of the four movements, especially the slow movement, of high invention and sustained artistry.

Schumann, Robert: Piano Quartet in E♭, Op. 47 (1842). – A fine work, with a remarkable scherzo and a very beautiful slow movement.

Schumann, Robert: String Quartet 2 in F, Op. 41/2 (1842). – Live, Enterprise Quartet, at the Myer Horowitz Theatre, University of Alberta. A fine performance. The review of the concert is here.

Schumann, Robert: Piano Trio 1 in d, Op. 63 (1847).

Schumann, Robert: Piano Trio 2 in F, Op. 80 (1847).

Schumann, Robert: Piano Trio 3 in g, Op. 110 (1851).

Robert Schumann (Courtesy: Unknown)

Robert Schumann (Courtesy: Unknown)

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