Edenshaw Replicas – Vancouver, British Columbia

Sunday, 8 June 1997, 10:37 am, Vancouver, BC

I’ve seen Anne Hungerford twice this week, at the regular Monday class, which again was very fine, and late Wednesday afternoon, when we discussed the opening of my draft on Wagner’s Ring. I was much buoyed by this interaction, and I walked back home in high spirits, confirming to myself that my true interest and enjoyment is in writing.

Work for the Editors’ Association as well this week, including a very long executive meeting at Katherine Zmetana’s also on Wednesday evening. The mailing labels, on which Gloria had laboured for the conversion, alignment, and printing work, were a devil to peel away from their backings, but restraint and patience prevailed, and the members’ mailing did go out.

Preparing, in bits and pieces here and there, the trip to Ottawa; for which, I confess, I have but modest enthusiasm. It seems like an other and unrelated world now.

The 1996 taxes also had to be finished, and, after a long session of some six hours yesterday, they finalized were ready for the mail. It is an aggravating process.

The Museum goes on erratically. The executive director who has succeeded me seems to have settled in for the long haul, but has not yet apparently realized that this is not a 35 hours a week job. He likes the image and the control, but is as yet unconvincing in his willingness to actually do the work, much less lead. But I have selected the Paul Martin approach: act loyally irrespective of what one thinks, and bide one’s time. This is one project that I intend to cash out; unlike others, like Athabasca University, where I put aside the sabbatical, and the trips to England and to China.

It will be almost impossible to execute all that needs to be done at the Museum. Planning is nearly non-existent, human resources are too few, and demand is too large. It will suffer a serious collapse, conceivably, in September.

Charles Edenshaw

Charles Edenshaw

Yesterday, I had an urgent call from Anne, as a resident had called to say an Edenshaw artifact had been discovered in her garden. Now, given the avaricious history of some past boards, this is entirely possible; so, Anne and I drove to the house on E. 18th between Fraser and Kingsway to retrieve the object. It turned out to be a replica, so the drama rather went out of the matter; but it did highlight again that the people on the front line are the ones who do the real work. The new ED had not left his contact numbers; so, as the former director, I, naturally, was called.

This took two hours out of the heart of the day.

I had taken Friday off. Gloria and I hiked to Norvan Falls in Lynn Headwaters regional park; about 14 kilometres. It was a very fine outing, and the falls were a picturesque spot to lunch at. Today we are going to Capilano River regional park.

We’ve watched two films, Big Night two evenings ago, and Jerry Maguire yesterday evening; the first was slow-paced but had some good moments; the second was mildly entertaining but ultimately too artificial (and some very bad dialogue).

*** 6:37 pm

Hiked this afternoon from Ambleside to the Cleveland Dam along the Capilano Pacific trail, a pleasant 15 kilometres’ outing of about four and a half hours’ duration. The weather was sunny, the river and brooks in the park fine to see, and the view of the Lions from the picnic area near the dam where we ate our sandwich and orange particularly splendid.


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