Ucluelet, British Columbia and The Dream of Scipio

Saturday, May 25, 2002, 8:44 am, Ucluelet, BC

Wickaninnish Beach, 24 May 2002

Another splendid day yesterday, which we spent at Wickaninnish and Florencia Beaches. The weather was good and the sea wind mild. The great expanse of Wickaninnish Beach had nary an other person on it than we, and for the better part of two hours we were essentially alone with the greatness of the place — the unstoppable sea, the rolling dunes, the long stretches of sand. It was wonderful – and spiritually uplifting.

I made fresh Dungeness crab – bought in Tofino – for dinner — and it was excellent.

Concluded reading Cicero’s The Dream of Scipio just before dinner. The wisdom of the ages does not change:

No utterance of man about his fellow-men has ever been lasting. When a person dies his words die with him. Posterity forgets them; and they pass into annihilation. (p. 352)

For men were brought into existence in order that they should inhabit the globe known as the earth…. (p. 345)

The ears of mankind are filled with this music [of the spheres] all the time. But they have become completely deaf to its melody; no other human faculty has become so atrophied as this. (p. 348)


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