Provincetown, Massachusetts

Tuesday, 22 May 2007, 10:28 am, North Truro, MA

Another leisurely day, getting the kinks out and acquiring some new ones.

We spent the day in Provincetown—this time with sun—and mostly shopped, an highly unusual activity for me. Bought a Japanese kimono, a Cape Cod wind shell, two Nepali scarves; while Gloria purchases a Cape Cod fleece jacket, a Nepali jacket, and Merino wool socks. We lunched in Lopes Square, on an excellent Portuguese kale soup and fried fresh clams. There is a great concentration in Provincetown of commerce, art, and gays.



G. and I concluded, while walking around, that we would keep the house in St. Stephen even when we moved.

Dinner of tequila, Abruzzi sausage, cherry peppers, shrimp with cocktail sauce, salad, and a California sauvignon blanc.

Read over half of Retznikoff’s Holocaust, and still cannot understand the cruelty of the Germans.

Slept quite well again, and again long, over eleven hours. Another sunny day. Much birdsong.

*** 11:45 am

Wrote Two Jews Dead, clearly influenced by Retznikoff, and one of my better poems.

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