Hendrik Slegtenhorst

Hendrik Slegtenhorst. Edmonton, 25 August 2013. (Photo: Gloria Steel)

Hendrik Slegtenhorst. Edmonton, 25 August 2013. (Photo: Gloria Steel)

Hendrik Slegtenhorst is a Canadian author and executive specializing in culture, heritage, and local government. He has published Caravaggio’s Dagger (Iguana, Toronto, 2013) and over 100 works in established literary publications and as a newspaper columnist on local government. He is the managing partner of Falstaff Enterprises, an executive consultancy, and since 2003 has been accredited as a Certified International Trade Professional (CITP).

Caravaggio's Dagger

Caravaggio’s Dagger

He has served as the chief administrative officer to municipalities in New Brunswick, British Columbia, and Alberta. He is a former executive director of the Museum of Vancouver; and has held many senior appointments in post-secondary adult education, including that of director of administration and planning at York University’s Atkinson College, registrar of The Banff Centre, and registrar of Alberta’s Athabasca University.

He is a past co-chair and director of the Executive Planning Council of the Professional Arts Coalition of Edmonton, and the past chair of its advocacy committee. He is the past president of the Federation of British Columbia Writers. He has also served as vice-president and workshop coordinator on the board of Edmonton’s Stroll of Poets’ Society, and as as a member-at-large and interim programme chair of the board of the Alberta Branch of the Canadian Authors’ Association, at Edmonton, Alberta.

Rodolfo, “Che gelida manina,” Puccini: La Bohème, Act I

Rodolfo, “Che gelida manina,” Puccini: La Bohème, Act I

By design, he has lived and worked in Canada’s six largest cities—Ottawa, Montréal, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver—, many of the country’s smaller communities, and all regions of Canada except the far north. He has travelled extensively throughout Canada, some years in excess of 100,000 kilometres. He has as well travelled and worked in the United States, in 37 of the states; Europe, in 11 of its nations; and, Africa, in 5 of its countries. He resides in Edmonton, Alberta.

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